Discipline and Humanity

Once there was a young graduate looking out for a job. He had fancy degrees from popular college in his hometown. Even after possessing all the necessary skills, he couldn’t find a job by himself. One day he asked his family relative to help him. That family member was a wise old man. He gave a visiting card to him and asked to meet his friend who is running a big organisation in the city. The young man was very happy and went to city.

At the time, the friend who is a rich man was celebrating a party. The young man could not control his enthusiasm went to the party and introduced himself humbly that he has been sent by his friend. He said “I’m from the town near city, I’m also a graduate from the great college with good marks. And I’m looking for a job in your organisation”. The big man was happy to see the young man so he invited him to join the party. Young man was very excited and thought he will definitely give a job. Since the rich man is found to be in good mood. Next day the young man went to see the rich man. By seeing this young man, rich man understood the purpose. And replied him politely that he already hired a right person and was happy about his performance.

By listening to this, young man got affronted. He asked the rich man, sir “is your person well educated?”. The rich man answered “Well, he is not well educated but he is not poor either”. “Ok then is he highly experienced?”. The rich man replied “not much experienced”.

The young man felt he is now having a chance to convince the rich man. He said sir “you see the people who are not well educated will be less skilled and talented. So it is good to look for someone who is well educated and skilled for such a reputed organisation like yours”. The rich man looked at the young man for a while. And dint react.

The young man got confused, so he pushed further and asked “ sir, are you paying him average or well?” rich man replied “I’m paying him well, but what are you trying to say now”. Young man replied, “sir, can’t you understand you are paying to an average educated, average experienced person so well.” This time rich man stood firmly and replied “yes I do agree he is an average educated man with less experience. But unlike other well educated people he is the one well disciplined and never complained about others”. And that is the reason my daughter married him yesterday.

Moral: Education without humanity, experience without discipline will bring evil.



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