See who you are

On a sunny evening, a luxury model car stopped by a sea shore. It was a lonely place, still not dark but not warm either. A tall well sophisticated man got down and started walking towards the sea. He seems very tired and exhausted. As if he dint take his vacation for over years.

By reaching the sea, waves gave him a gentle wash over on his feet. He is still not bothered to notice it. Then he started walking slowly and aimlessly by the shore side. He could not see any human beings around, not even birds or animals. It was like just him and the sea waves. He walked long way, still found no mood to return.

After a long time, moon light was the only light throughout the shore. He was very tired so sat by the sea shore staring at the waves. After few minutes, he heard a mild voice saying “good evening, my friend.”

The man started looking out who was it? No one was near, he started searching around. But the voice said ”you have to see me near your foot my friend”.

The man was little scared and surprised to see a big turtle. And totally puzzled to see the turtle talking. Turtle asked are you feeling well?. The man in complete shock dint reply but just kept staring. After few minutes, he replied I’m ok. But you are talking??!!!

Turtle replied yes I’m. Without much space. Turtle took a seat near him and asked so if you are well. What are you doing in the shore in late night?. The man dint reply and continued staring at waves. Turtle felt something is bothering the man. Hence dint question further.

An hour went in complete silence between them. Then suddenly the man speaking in total frustration “I dint do anything wrong but they keep on irritate me”. Do you know I’ve been working in this organisation for more than four years. Never came late, never took an uninformed leave, never delayed my work and never yelled at others. Still they dint treat me well.

Last year, during my client’s visit my organisation promised a hike. With all due respect, I did everything possible in this earth in short time. And as usual, they denied saying all I did was just part of my job. And the most irritating part, they denied my team’s appraisals. Do you know, throughout the year they said we are a team. But now their words are different. They replied the down the lane staffs are already paid more than they deserve. You know today I was asked to fire two in team for no good reason.

Turtle looked at the man’s face. And replied “oh dear, you want to become a human being, but choose a wrong place for yourself”. The man suddenly took a back and said “it is not a bad place. certainly not, they pay me well. And do you know the brand value of my company. Its very huge. And I’m really proud to work”.

Turtle replied with hesitation that’s what the illusion they created. But you started seeing the reality now. Believe me my friend sometimes we need to stop thinking about what was shown and see who you are…

By saying this turtle started moving towards the waves. The man was speechless for a while. Turtle turned back after few steps and said see who you are.. and went into the sea.

The entire night went in complete silence for him. The word human made him a little light about himself. Then he thrown away his ID card in the shore and started his life refreshingly.


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