Why should I start my own business? Top 5 reasons to start your own business

If you ask me, what is my expectation in career? I would have answered on my need to get hike on designation and money. When most of us are sailing in the same boat (Coz, It is appraisal time). Simply, we are well equipped employees. With little motivation we manage to run our daily life with the existing opportunities around us.

Now lets intervene, the situation in a new dimension. If we continue to get what we are getting right now. Our life may be provided with something. However, lets pull ourselves back and understand if we could change our circumstances a bit.

  1. Non stable: The global job market is really not stable. We may work in any industry or designation. Corporate ethics mentions maintaining a single career profile within the industry. In today’s layoffs, recession etc the very same concept is taking us nowhere. Honestly, if we survive in the same industry for years. It should be considered as new world records.
  2. No hike: Discussions on hike is happening everywhere. But my sincere question is “whom to provide hike?”. The entire concept of hike is driven by the people who follow the survival of the fittest concept. They know to survive but they don’t stabilise for a long.
  3. More blood shed: Sorry to be too strong. When I mention blood shed, it means the work load on the employees. No law around the world can be executed in our corporate world. The reason is again “if you want a job, do what I say” in other words survival of the fittest.
  4. Monotonous: When job is treated as job, it merely affects our life. But when job is treated to be the most essential part of survival. It makes man to work towards one particular goal. Belittling other circles of life like society, family etc.
  5. Dignity: This is something really controversial, let me make one thing clear. Our father, grand father and great grand father has at the least understood the meaning and importance of dignity. Today’s youth is misguided on the very same concept.

If you start your own business, even at a consultant grade. It would provide

  1. A great pride and dignity towards you and your family
  2. Sense of responsibility
  3. Understanding between want and need in your life
  4. Develop yourself and also your society
  5. Power to provide employment to your people

When I say start your own business, you need a lot of patience and dedication. As it is easy to find a opportunity in a ocean. It is upto our skills and management to stabilise and plan for our long journey.


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